Access to the Factoring Broker Forums

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Although viewable by members of the general public, the Factoring Broker Forums represent a "closed community" of users which are either IACFB:
  • Members: (Startups having purchased IACFB's broker training guide)
  • Associates: (Active on a part-time basis with a website and social media subscriptions)
  • Freelance Consultants: In business on a full-time basis and part of IACFB's Freelance Program

If you have joined IACFB by purchasing our training guide from, you are likely already a forum member. To log in:
  • USERNAME: Use your name you used to purchase you guide on Amazon. Your USERNAME will be your First Name (space) Last Name. Capitalize each and do not forget to leave the space
  • PASSWORD: Your temporary password is the Lab code found on page 198 of your Factoring 101 Training Guide
IMPORTANT: After you have logged in to the forums the first time, make certain you click on your USER PROFILE and update your password, email address, and other business information.
Not open for further replies.