Can't find the "When Banks Say No" booklet

Sorry in advance but I have a few questions. I THINK I've looked everywhere in the 202 part of the site and I can't seem to find the booklet that is going to be provided as the offer on the website. Where specifically can I find it so I can see what it contains? Second question: I thought I read somewhere that there were audio clips to listen to as examples of cold calls maybe? Where would those be if so? Last question: What exactly is in the Factor Directory? is this in digital format where I can search or a printed version. And one last thing, there are a few broken links on the site. In particular, this one I was interested in viewing to see what the video on the site would look like but it's broken:


The free offer booklet "When Banks Say No" is included in the "Documents" folder in all of the Factoring 101 websites. To get a copy for your file, simply view any of the website templates and fill out the "Request Form" for the booklet. You will then have access to the PDF copy that you can save to your computer.