Earning Forum Trophies


Trophies are how IACFB awards prizes during it's annual Career Builder Challenge Promotion as well as it's Summer Membership Drive. There are two types of trophies members can earn...
  • CORE TROPHIES: These are earned by posting threads and comments in the forums, purchasing the Factoring 101 Training Guide, Subscribing to Business-in-a-Box, Passing the Proficiency Exam, and subscribing to Pipedrive CRM. Core Trophies are "static" and cannot go down. Once you have earned them, they remain as a balance to start every promotion.
  • AWARD TROPHIES: These are earned by submitting new factoring accounts to IACFB Wholesale and also by referring new members and developing your own Sponsored Agents network. Award Trophies are earned during each contest and then reset to 0 once the contest is over or you have selected your prize / merchandise.
During promotion / contest periods, members earn prizes based upon their total trophies accumulated.
Additional information and a complete breakdown of the Trophy Point System, the prize catalog, as well as IACFB's current promotions and prizes can be found in the Learning Lab as well as this article on Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.

NOTE: Only IACFB Members can earn Trophy Points. They are not credited to the forum's Registered Guests.