Is anyone involved with medical lien funding?

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    Medical Receivables Funding
    Hello, I'm new on the forum, I hope everyone is ready for a great Labor Day weekend! I'm looking to work with brokers that are working with medical providers to sell their medical receivable portfolios that are secured by a lien.

    These are personal injury victims that have and attorney handling their case, and have entered into a lien arrangement with medical providers for their medically necessary care. Cases can take 2+ years, which is a long time for providers to wait to be paid.

    We specialize in purchasing these lien portfolios, paying the provider immediately, at a discount, for their lien portfolio, and then we wait for the cases to settle and take the risk of non payment if case is lost. We pay a generous commission for these portfolios.

    If this is something you're involved with, I'd love to talk about working together!

    Ted Molis
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    Can you give a bit more information as too what specific parameter you are looking for? I personally meet with several doctors, dentist, chiropractors, etc. and would love to learn more about what you are looking for and how we might be able to work together.

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