Revenue Based Lending?

Karna Hoskote

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Hello, This is Karna, I am a new member, I have been talking to some potential clients
they like the idea of getting loans based on revenue overall not just on credit card sales, and most
of them do not want to change their current merchant processor. Do you have any lenders for that

Toby Banks

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If you are a broker and looking for a new Factoring company to work with, give me a call. We offer higher than normal market commission rates. We also set aside about 30 mi for new broker deals.
My name is Toby Banks 305-570-6399. I work day and night.

Robert McMahon

Aegis Factors
There are dozens of Merchant Cash / ACH lenders in the Lenders Directory in the Learning Lab and also several older recorded presentations in the archives

Cheryl Tibbs

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My firm, One Stop Funding offers revenue based advances without requiring merchant to change processors! We pay top commissions and I would love the opportunity to chat and do some business together! I can be reached at (404)228-5756. We can often offer approvals within 24 hours and funding the next day!