Setting up Pipedrive for Teleconference Campaign and big "Suspect" Lists

Jim Schulz

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I have purchased a 500 contacts list for using in my IACFB Starter Campaign. The list consists of filtered commercial janitorial service companies and temp help agencies. The organization of the various fields in Pipedrive is extremely important as I will need to easily and efficiently track the progress (or lack thereof) of each contact and/or activity. Pecking through 500 rows of contacts will be very time consuming and I must figure out how to use the least amount of time in updating/revising each contact and/or their responses. I have reviewed much of the information and "how to's" on the Pipedrive website but the procedures on how best to do all of this does not seem apparent. Has anyone in IACFB taken this route yet and have any suggestions?

Florine Sanchez

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Hi Jim, I'm trying to decide to purchase leads or run ads for 30 days. So, regarding mailing leads, I was planning to do mailings in increments. Enter my first 50 into Pipedrive and put the follow-up/task in a week, etc, etc. But you are right, it will be time-consuming but I think if you do a small mailing weekly it might help with updating each lead from being time-consuming. Basically, you know you will need to make X numbers of follow-up calls per week. I would then separate by active lead or hot leads. The Hot leads should be the ones you concentrate on the most. I would just continue to mail to active leads on a monthly base to keep in front of them. Starting off with a small mailing batch is better than starting off with a big batch. I'm sure once you have a routine down you will be able to organize your activity schedule better.

I hope I was some help. Good luck.

Robert McMahon

Aegis Factors
Hi Jim,
Pipedrive is the best CRM we've found for brokers and really comes out of the box ready to use but we make some small setting changes to it. Call the office and we can discuss and if you like, I can log on to your system and set it up identically to ours.

Bob McMahon